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How to manage guests?

Click on the

Manage List

button to see everyone who has RSVP'd to your event. From here you can view quick statistics about your event, search across all the information available for your guests including names, emails, and wallet addresses, manage and admit individual guests, or import/export guest lists. There are two types of guests for every event:

  1. Guests who have RSVP'd via the public event page
  2. VIP guests which are added manually

The statistics panel displays the makeup of your guests, including the total number of RSVP's, VIPs, and how many guests have already been scanned and admitted to the venue.

The Manage List page allows you to manually add guests. To add an individual, click on the icon, or to import a list of guests as a CSV file use the button. Alternatively, use the button to download your entire guest list.



All manually added guests are considered VIPs, be they added individually or through the import functionality. Furthermore VIP guests are always admitted at the door regardless if they meet the criteria or not.