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How do I see all the gates I’ve created?

By clicking on My Gates, you can see all the gates you’ve created.

How do I update the information of one of my events?

If you want to change something about your event, you can click on


on the respective gate.


Can I export my list of RSVP’s in case my internet stops working?

Of course. You can save your list of RSVP’s as a CSV file by pressing the button in the

Manage List



Does Gatekeeper support ERC-1155?

It does! For ERC-1155 tokens, Gatekeeper matches against a unique token ID since each token ID can have multiple owners. This requires that you import an OpenSea /assets/ link for your desired token. Unfortunately due to the nature of ERC-1155 standard and its ownership, we do not support importing ERC-1155 contract addresses or entire collections.